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Astrology provides insightful information and this awareness empowers us to expand the parameters of our free will and enhances our capacity to be "in the right place at the right time". For centuries, astrologers have used a complex system to describe human nature, important earthly events and memes and how they coincide with celestial patterns of planetary movement. Astrology can be extremely helpful on the level of self-development, deepening our understanding of ourselves and our alignment with what is, revealing possibilities for growth and healing. It can be tremendously fun and light as well as therapeutic, comforting and affirming, not to mention downright useful! Excellent ways to put astrology to work for you include:
  • Discover hidden talents Consider a wider range of options and ideas Gain more information in order to make a decision Plan ahead and learn your best times for action and best times for retreat or stillness Broaden your perspective by seeing the "bigger picture" Make sense of the dynamics of specific situations, events and relationships Work on unresolved issues and their underlying patterns, such as subconscious motivations/tendencies Identify avenues for healing and thriving that are suited to your true nature Problem solve
  • Sessions are structured to address your concerns and to offer an interpretation that is relevant, practical and advantageous. Love, career, money, family and spirituality are just a few topics that can be explored, but the possibilities for subject matter are endless. Sessions are two hours or more based on the number of areas you'd like to examine and the complexity of the inquiry.
    Astrological Services Include:
  • Birth Chart Analysis (pre-requisite for further astrological services)
    Recommendations/ Insight on Timing of significant events, such as job transition; weddings; moving; purchasing home; enrolling in school; etc.
    You, So Far, in the Here & Now (Progressions)
    Current Sky & Upcoming Trends/ Dynamics (Transits)
    Travel; Relocation; Astro-cartography Insight
    For Couples- Relationship Analysis (using Synastry & Composite Charts)
  • I will need your name, birthdate, birth-time, and location of birth. Feng Shui

    In Chinese, the words Feng Shui literally mean “wind”(feng) and “water” (shui). For 5000 years Feng Shui has been used to harmonize people with the land and to consciously create private or public environments, interior or exterior, in which we can thrive and prosper. I practice Tibetan Buddhist Feng Shui, which combines traditional Chinese teachings with an emphasis on the power of intention. Particular attention is paid to the unique nature of an individual or business, to their preferences and sense of style, blending the application of Feng Shui principles in their space.
    Feng Shui can have these positive effects on your world:
  • Enhance appreciation, awareness, and environment through balance and beautification Maximize your potential & maintain positive direction Attract opportunity, success and benefactors Lend practical solutions to arrangement of space Help you cut through clutter and chaos in your home or in your mind Invite more flow into areas of your life that feel blocked or stagnant Aid you in letting go of outworn ideas, habits, attachments, things Provides you with daily reminders through exercises, adjustments, and intentions that you wish to manifest Improve your personal relationships, boost your public image Clarify, purify, integrate, encourage harmony

  • Consultations are 2 hours or longer depending on the size of your home / office and what you'd like to accomplish. There are a number of different options which we can discuss prior to the appointment.
    Feng Shui Services Include:
  • Personal/ Individual Chi Analysis
    Analysis of Apartment/ Home
    Staging for the Rental/Sale of Home or Office Space
    Shopping Companion- Recommendations on important Feng Shui purchases, such as furniture, mirrors, fountains, fabrics & artwork
    Analysis of Business/ Office Space
    Recommendations for Real Estate
    Analysis & recommendations for site selection
    Recommendations for purchasing or renting new space, Residential & Business
    Recommendations for Renovation & Building, Residential & Business
    Special Events; Blessings; Grand Openings; Space Clearings & Esoteric Feng Shui methods

  • Botanical Remedies
    Flower Essences or remedies are liquid, potent formulas made from plants and flowers that are proven through countless case studies to have a profound ability to comfort and soothe our psyches. They are known and used in many parts of the world, the most well-known brand being Bach Flower Remedies, researched and popularized by Dr. Edward Bach, a physician and bacteriologist in the 1930's. You may have heard of Rescue Remedy, a helper in high stress, emergency and volatile situations. (see links page for more information on Dr. Bach & his remedy system) This powerful healing method is based on the belief that body, mind and spirit are intrinsically connected and that if we attend to our negative mental attitudes, thoughts and emotions, our overall health will improve.
    Flower Essences address a wide range of challenging mental, emotional and spiritual states of mind, such as:
  • Self-esteem/ Confidence to move forward
    Impatience and Intolerance
    Fears of All Kinds
    Struggle with Addictions and Weight
    Anger, Grief and Loss
    Shock and Trauma
    Instability, Transition, Overwhelm
    Fatigue, Stress, Overwork
    Inability to Focus, Feeling "Spaced Out"
  • These remedies lend support in a precise, proactive or subtle manner. Most often, they are taken sublingually, but they can also be used topically and in a room spray. They are safe to use for children, animals and plants, as well as adults and do not have any contraindications when used in combination with prescribed medicines or other substances. In order to assess the main goals for wellness, a client interview will take about 45 minutes to an hour. A unique flower formula is blended especially for you, taking into account any long-standing, chronic issues and working with "where you are at" currently. The optimal way to use flower remedies is to change the formula as you, your environment and your circumstances evolve. JENNA COMPLETED MEDICAL QIGONG TRAINING! Ms. Hunt was first introduced to Qigong in 2000 during her Feng Shui training and in subsequent years, learned Ba Duan Jin (Eight Brocades) and Five Element Qigong with William J. Kaplanidis of Three Treasures, Inc. and Zhineng Qigong (Wisdom Qigong) with Linda Y. Qiu, through Pacific College of Medicine. In 2015, she completed a one-year training in Medical Qigong at the New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, also with Professor Linda Y. Qiu.
    Jenna has led multiple Qigong workshops at Brooklyn Boulders (Gowanus and Long Island City) and is currently teaching twice weekly, as she maintains her ever-growing and ongoing Synchronicity Consulting services- Astrology, Feng Shui and Qigong healing.

    "Jenna's extensive knowledge and training in multiple backgrounds provides diverse insights into your well-being, living environment and life path… Her style is comprehensive, gentle and encouraging."
    --Zach Lehtinen, high school teacher and filmmaker, NYC

    Are you ready to soar above & beyond your current level of success, happiness & clarity?
    Are you looking for perspective and support during a transition?
    Is it time for you to rejuvenate and transform your surroundings at home &/ or at work?
    Seeking inspiration and discernment to act on a dream?
    Need problem-solving tools for a tough situation?
    Are you trying to figure out what you’re doing with your life?

    Over the years, the concept of synchronicity or "meaningful coincidences" is the touchstone theory which has become a central focus of Jenna Hunt's work, recognizing patterns, iterations, and symbolism, through her studies and experience with feng shui, astrology and flower remedies and how people can benefit when seeking meaning, answers & understanding.
    Jenna facilitates overnight success, major breakthroughs and profound healing for her clients through her vast, fascinating knowledge and sharing of Feng Shui methods, blessings and space clearings. As a gifted and intuitive western astrologer, she also has a particular talent for providing valuable insight, support and an expanded awareness of her clients' lives, transitions, motives and highest potentials. Self taught from age thirteen, Jenna has fifteen years experience in reading birth charts, progressions and transits. She began practicing Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui ten years ago and earned a three year certification through the Feng Shui Masters program at the New York Open Center in 2003. At the Open Center, Jenna studied with three of the leading experts of BTB Feng Shui in the West, who were each directly taught by the respected Professor Lin Yun. Ms. Hunt is a certified Flower Essence Practitioner and has fifteen years experience using the remedies, accompanied by powerful and encouraging results for her clients.
    Consciousness studies, "new science", Jungian archetypes & psychology, the I-Ching, dowsing, and body-mind awareness are transformative tools and knowledge that synergize and support her healing work.
    Re-ignite and strengthen your connection to your inner world and to the world around you with a healing, heartening consultation with Jenna Hunt.
    "Our psyche is set up in accord with the structure of the universe, and what happens in the macrocosm likewise happens in the infinitesimal and most subjective reaches of the psyche."- C.G. Jung (Memories, Dreams, Reflections)
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